Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year; New Plan; New Action

Its a new year and a new me...

Well at least, slightly improved me.   

This is my first blog and I am dedicating it to my favorite hobby - sewing. I am new to the official  sewing game. I learned to sew in the Girl Scout and eventually in Home Economics (showing my age).

The last few years I have been dabbling at really making sewing my passion. I have loaded up on patterns and fabric, I have take several sewing classes, and I purchased a new house because it had a great sewing room (among other features).  But I have yet to really feel comfortable that i can create nice wearable garments. 

Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing  

I need a little motivation and encouragement. So I am joining the "Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing Fearless February"

So wish me luck more thoughts to come....