Sunday, September 7, 2014

Trying to do a few easy projects to get my feet wet again. Can't seem to get the details together. McCall 6204

Love the pattern very simple but I cut it on the wrong side. Open side is suppose to be on the right. I do love the fabric. It was 2.50 a yard at Joann's red tag sale.

This is one I will try again. Getting back in the swing ????

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Got my SEWJO back

Its been a year but I am back in the sewing room. Thanks to Mimi G and Sew Curvy Facebook, I am back in the swing of things.  Been working on the follow:

 Homemade pattern weights
 Circle Skirt did not quite work out

 Dashikis for the Fam attending a 70s party that turned out way to big

Wrap dress with a horribly written pattern McCall 6363.  It was so confusing,  Glad its somewhat done.

Next blanket for the new niece, retry the circle skirt, and a sew-along that I will post more about later.

The main thing is that I am back and trying to not purchase clothes for a year. ( broke down with Labor Day Sales = but returning to form)

Thanks for the support and Happy Sewing

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In the home stretch...

Ok, still wasting time. Completed Simplicity 1794 for my niece. I completed the bib and the dress. It was an ego boost to have something complete.


But then it was back to the blouse. It is Butterick 5211. I already had the pieces ready, so I started slow and steady. I love the pink and the shirting cotton. It's starting to come together. It was easier than I thought but I always have trouble with collars, so I am expecting the worst.

Follow ups:

  • My blanket looks great now, but I am still missing the binding. (lost in the sewing room somewhere) 
  • And the dress does look great on:

Still looking for a easy maxi dress pattern and I think I want to get rid of some yarn with a crochet project. Keep a look out.