Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year; New Plan; New Action

Its a new year and a new me...

Well at least, slightly improved me.   

This is my first blog and I am dedicating it to my favorite hobby - sewing. I am new to the official  sewing game. I learned to sew in the Girl Scout and eventually in Home Economics (showing my age).

The last few years I have been dabbling at really making sewing my passion. I have loaded up on patterns and fabric, I have take several sewing classes, and I purchased a new house because it had a great sewing room (among other features).  But I have yet to really feel comfortable that i can create nice wearable garments. 

Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing  

I need a little motivation and encouragement. So I am joining the "Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing Fearless February"

So wish me luck more thoughts to come....


  1. Good luck!! Thanks for starting a blog. I am in the same place as you--learned to sew as an adolescent and now trying the past few years to improve. It will be nice to follow your progress!

  2. You will do just fine. I'm also rather new at sewing, I've slacked of from "attempting" to sew lately due to my other hobbies. But i always look for motivation on pattern review (that's how I found your blog). What I do before even pulling a pattern or fabric from my stash is PRAY. LOL! May sound silly, but I do, I pray that God gives me the patience and the mind set to accomplish my goal and that he gives me wisdom and understanding in reading my pattern instructions...In Christ ALL things are possible. I KNOW you will do an awesome job!