Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making way for new things

Ok, I have started project one.... Hee hee already mid month but I am not discouraged. I did get a few items off my table. So here is an update:

1.      I found this amazing Disney Tiana fabric at Joann's on a whim. It was perfect for my new amazing 10 month old niece named after the first African American Disney Princess. I have only used it for this pillow but it was an entire bolt so more things to come.

2.     This is another item for my niece. This is about as close to quilting as I plan on getting.

3.     Here is the beginning of my dress. It looked better pressed out. It was starting to look very housedressy. The collar will bring it together. I will finish this weekend and start the maxi dress.

So far so good. Does not matter how many but the I make something and have fun doing it.


1 comment:

  1. My gosh! That pillow and baby blanket are awesome! I love it!