Sunday, February 17, 2013

One down....

My dress is finished.  I think it looks good for the first time. I should have moved the pockets up a little higher, I did not pay attention at the time. I also used my bias tape maker for the first time and it worked great. I still need to press it completely but the picture was immediately after finishing as I was so excited.

On to the next one. I wanted it it be the jeans but my husband really loved this new skirt pattern.  I might make it first.

Thanks to who every is reading this, it really just feels good to chronicle my sewing I actually feel like I am accomplishing something.



  1. Well done Cezanne. Yes, details like where to put pockets often catch people out, but on a pattern like this no-one will notice, and I am sure you won't go around with your hands in your pocket. The dress fits nicely. I joined the Fearless February challenge as well.

  2. You did more than great!! And I don't think anyone will notice the pockets. Great fabric as well! I can see the excitement in your beautiful smile.

  3. I love this dress on you. So pretty.

  4. Congrats on your dress! The fabric is delicious and you look very happy!