Monday, March 4, 2013

I needed more days...

Thank everyone for their support during Fearless February!!! The challenge provided me with the focus to finally create garments to wear. I may not have done as much as I wanted to but I did more than I had at any time before.  The last project were a pair of pants that did not have elastic.  I have made a few pull on pants but I was one with a zipper and I did it!!

I'm am not a professional by a long shot so these are not lined or cuffed but they fit and I can wear them in public :).

I used Butterick 5692. It was a very easy pattern and I did a little modification for size not a lot I could have done more, but have to start somewhere. I love the material, a light weight suiting, but it is soooo unforgiving. Have to remember to wear my spanks :)

I will take a better picture in the morning.  I am just excited to get them done and they don't look bad.  Excuse my butt view, but I love the way it fits because I have a shelf and I usually have a gap in the back.  This covers completely.

All in all a good month for me and a lot of motivation. Now it's on to the fitted shirt. All leading to making my clothes for a full year. Thanks again to all the sewing community. This is great!!!!!


  1. your pants look great, I've been sewing for years & yet to make pants with a zipper lol!

  2. Great job. Pants can be a hard project, but once you get one pair that fit ,make them until the pattern disintegrates. LOL

  3. Well done to you! Hope you have a great year of sewing your own wardrobe - that is a very impressive goal! I've just made the blouse from this pattern and I really love it, so maybe I'll have a go at the pants some day too.

  4. Your pants look good. I found your blog through pattern review. I am now going to make these pants today, you have inspired me. Thank you.