Monday, March 18, 2013

Postponing the hard stuff

I am suppose to be sewing my blouse for the contest but it is pretty daunting. So, I took a detour and did something quick and easy.

Butterick 5211
It's an easy dress with very few pieces. It also allowed me to use up some of the material in my stash.

I have to work on the hem but other than that it was an easy day job.

I also took a distraction to work on another blanket for my niece. Now that she is crawling around she finds everything possible in the carpet. So I decided to sew something for her to crawl on. I found this  fat quarters pattern at
I had coupons from Joann's that I used to buy 4 quarter sets. I used my serger to connect them and I love it. It will be a go to blanket pattern as I am not a quilter. I will be using padded quilting on the back instead of canvas because she would not be using it outside.

These were great distractions but I have to get focused.  There are so many pieces to the blouse but I purchased really good shirting to use.  Once finished I will take a stab at another pants pattern to go with it.
That's all just wanted to update on my progress for the blouse...looking or support and motivation.


  1. great job on the dress! I'm supposed to be working on my blouse for PR too & wouldn't you know it! I can't find my buttonhole attachment, not that I'd rememeber how to use it but I need it lol!

  2. I do that too! In the middle of a hard project sometimes I need something easy. It reminds me that I CAN sew, lol! Great dress!