Friday, February 22, 2013

Project Runway is inspiring!

I love Thursday!! There is nothing better than sitting in front of the sewing machine watching Grey's  Anatomy & Project Runway. I was very motivated to knock this top out. I wanted  to start pants next but shied away. I have to get my nerve up.

This top was great and easy. I wanted something with the cowl neck, it was new to me. This was an easy to sew and I can see making it again. It was so easy that I skipped muslin, wish I didn't .  I altered the pattern to size but I forgot to adjust the armholes. The pattern was a lot smaller in fit so at the end I had to add side panels to accommodate the hips (I make the long version). I will take a picture with it on tomorrow.

Pattern: Simplicity 2594

Fearless February may have motivated me, but I know this will continue for months to come. Next : Simplicity 4971 or Butterick 5692 for easy pants and tops. Still looking for a maxi dress pattern.

Keep on keeping on!!!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

One down....

My dress is finished.  I think it looks good for the first time. I should have moved the pockets up a little higher, I did not pay attention at the time. I also used my bias tape maker for the first time and it worked great. I still need to press it completely but the picture was immediately after finishing as I was so excited.

On to the next one. I wanted it it be the jeans but my husband really loved this new skirt pattern.  I might make it first.

Thanks to who every is reading this, it really just feels good to chronicle my sewing I actually feel like I am accomplishing something.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making way for new things

Ok, I have started project one.... Hee hee already mid month but I am not discouraged. I did get a few items off my table. So here is an update:

1.      I found this amazing Disney Tiana fabric at Joann's on a whim. It was perfect for my new amazing 10 month old niece named after the first African American Disney Princess. I have only used it for this pillow but it was an entire bolt so more things to come.

2.     This is another item for my niece. This is about as close to quilting as I plan on getting.

3.     Here is the beginning of my dress. It looked better pressed out. It was starting to look very housedressy. The collar will bring it together. I will finish this weekend and start the maxi dress.

So far so good. Does not matter how many but the I make something and have fun doing it.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Behind but catching up

WOW... it is Feb 6th and it looks like I am already behind the sewing gun. The ladies in this fearless challenge are way too advanced, I am in awe.  I am happy to get 2-3 things done this month. It would help if I did not have to put in 60 hours at my 40 hour a week job :).

Put I have picked my first project for February. A simple dress SIMPLICITY 2894 .  I have made a few things before, but this time I want to take my time and be detailed and finish professionally.  The last couple of things I made started out great but I get lazy and just want it to be finished. I am using muslin to start. I probably don't need it, but as a plus size its better to try then to make too small. 

I have two fabrics that I can not decided between. 

 A: is a pretty Pink and Green paisley pattern.

 B:Brown and white pattern but is an amazing quality fabric picked up in Orlando.

As I see the pattern come together I will decide between the two.  I should be completed by the weekend and should have decided on the next pattern to use. I say a jean pattern used on another blog. Many I will try my hand at denim. I have a lot of it from tote bags I used to create.

After this I would like to create a shirt, one pair of pants, and one maxi dress. Can you every have too many maxi dresses? If I can learn to make them really well, there will be no stopping me. I joined the Join the Challenge: Sew Your Own Wardrobe For a Year!

I hope to be able to have a few things in my sewing treasure chest by the start of April. So Please send all the encouragement to me :)

Sewing my own clothes has me obsessed with shoes - not like I was not before :) but I wonder if this is a side affect?