Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In the home stretch...

Ok, still wasting time. Completed Simplicity 1794 for my niece. I completed the bib and the dress. It was an ego boost to have something complete.


But then it was back to the blouse. It is Butterick 5211. I already had the pieces ready, so I started slow and steady. I love the pink and the shirting cotton. It's starting to come together. It was easier than I thought but I always have trouble with collars, so I am expecting the worst.

Follow ups:

  • My blanket looks great now, but I am still missing the binding. (lost in the sewing room somewhere) 
  • And the dress does look great on:

Still looking for a easy maxi dress pattern and I think I want to get rid of some yarn with a crochet project. Keep a look out.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Postponing the hard stuff

I am suppose to be sewing my blouse for the contest but it is pretty daunting. So, I took a detour and did something quick and easy.

Butterick 5211
It's an easy dress with very few pieces. It also allowed me to use up some of the material in my stash.

I have to work on the hem but other than that it was an easy day job.

I also took a distraction to work on another blanket for my niece. Now that she is crawling around she finds everything possible in the carpet. So I decided to sew something for her to crawl on. I found this  fat quarters pattern at maidenjane.blogshot.com/2012/07/big-beach-blanket-tutorial.html
I had coupons from Joann's that I used to buy 4 quarter sets. I used my serger to connect them and I love it. It will be a go to blanket pattern as I am not a quilter. I will be using padded quilting on the back instead of canvas because she would not be using it outside.

These were great distractions but I have to get focused.  There are so many pieces to the blouse but I purchased really good shirting to use.  Once finished I will take a stab at another pants pattern to go with it.
That's all just wanted to update on my progress for the blouse...looking or support and motivation.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I needed more days...

Thank everyone for their support during Fearless February!!! The challenge provided me with the focus to finally create garments to wear. I may not have done as much as I wanted to but I did more than I had at any time before.  The last project were a pair of pants that did not have elastic.  I have made a few pull on pants but I was one with a zipper and I did it!!

I'm am not a professional by a long shot so these are not lined or cuffed but they fit and I can wear them in public :).

I used Butterick 5692. It was a very easy pattern and I did a little modification for size not a lot I could have done more, but have to start somewhere. I love the material, a light weight suiting, but it is soooo unforgiving. Have to remember to wear my spanks :)

I will take a better picture in the morning.  I am just excited to get them done and they don't look bad.  Excuse my butt view, but I love the way it fits because I have a shelf and I usually have a gap in the back.  This covers completely.

All in all a good month for me and a lot of motivation. Now it's on to the fitted shirt. All leading to making my clothes for a full year. Thanks again to all the sewing community. This is great!!!!!